We provide ..

Dog Play Sessions

in 2018 we hope to be able again offer 3.5hr sessions for play and exercise

Dog Walking

We provide 45/60/90/120 min walks – either solo or in small groups, we do not allow dogs off-lead without written permission

The most cost effective walks we provide are 2hr group walks


Home Boarding

We have decided to no longer offer HOME BOARDING we believe dogs are happier and less stressed in their own homes and we therefore provide HOUSE SITTERS


Home Sitting

We believe that your dog is happier to stay in his own home, and have the security of an occupied house and his normal routine while you are away, we will have one of our sitters move in and provide companionship to him/her

They will bring in post, open and close curtains, etc.

They will be there at least 8 p.m – 8 a.m and at least twice for a min of 60 min during the day, when your dog will be walked. You can add in extra services to suit like home cleaning/ironing/shopping etc.


Why not have your best friend attend your wedding?

We can arrange grooming prior to arriving if required. We can bring your dog with a bow tie or flowers in her collar to match the bride.


We will turn up at the specified time, stay for 30 min or so (to suit you and your photographer) and then deliver your dog back home or to one of our dedicated Home Boarders for the duration of your Honeymoon.

Wedding packages are tailored to you, but a basic package of collection, wedding time, and drop off (and to include travel within a 10 mile radius) is only £ 35.00! We’d be delighted to discuss your specific requirement to ensure your doggie pal can share your day without disruption, call Helen 0775 225 1007 or click here to e-mail us.



Tailored to suit you please ask for a competitive cost.
Call Helen 0775 225 1007 or click here to send an email